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Linking Up

Plain Church Celtic Community knows that hearing the voice of God is essential for those walking the Christian path in these days and are members of New Dawn Chorus, a group of Christians from across these islands who seek the prophecies of God.

There are some teachings upon the website which are free to access and also dates of events that might be of interest to you

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God Unlimited Outdoor Therapy

God Unlimited Outdoor Therapy, or Gul for short, is a growing family of centres founded with the aim of providing an opportunity to anyone, regardless of age, ability or background the chance to enjoy the outdoors in a therapeutic setting.

Gul's busiest site is the charity's riding and outdoor therapy centre in Shrewton, Wiltshire from which Gul runs its equine assisted therapy and alternative educational activities. Currently the charity also has 3 other sites, The Bustard, a former coaching inn, two centres in Wales, Penlan, an outdoor activities site and Little Moor a riding centre both are based just outside Carmarthen.

Gul was founded by the Christians of Plain Church Celtic Community, to make a positive impact in their community and is open to anyone regardless of faith, ability, gender or background.

Linking Up: About
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