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The Coaching Inn

Coaching for Life and Wellbeing 

Many years ago, The Bustard Inn, where we are based, was a coaching inn. It is still situated half way between Salisbury and Devizes, and the car park once had stabling for 40 horses. Part of this stabling remains, converted now into a large meeting room and bar/kitchen area. There is an arch in the brickwork at the back of the building, opening into a room that was once for the “garaging” of a coach. There are 2 cottages opposite The Bustard, one of these was used by the farrier, who was in much demand in those days. We have the history of the Bustard Inn on display. 

Now the Inn is used by Plain Church Celtic Community and God Unlimited Outdoor Therapy (Gul ) and we are pleased to be able to offer life coaching for those in need. The Coaching for Life and Wellbeing Programme is run as a part of the whole Coaching Inn Programme, this being a pun on the name of the premises, as The Bustard Inn was once a Coaching Inn.  The Coaching for Life and Wellbeing Programme is designed to help you live a more healthy and balanced life in regards to your mental health. All aspects of your mental health can be helped by our team including  PTSD, anxiety and depression, bereavement, eating disorders etc.

Refreshments and a small library are available. Please do contact us for further details.

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