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Prophecy  given at start of PCCC as a charity Sept 2020

At the start of Plain Church Celtic Community PCCC as a charity
Few sentences at start not recorded but were about the Lord’s pleasure with PCCC.
I’m so thrilled, so filled up with your enthusiasm and your love for me, and your compassion and your care, and your willingness to go the extra mile and do the extra things. And I’m so thrilled that Plain Church is an entity, that it has been fully born this morning, today, and now WATCH, watch , watch, says the Lord at what I am going to do.
The gloves are off, we’re on the move.
Just stay close to me, lean on me fully, with all your hearts and all your minds and I will give you all the understanding that you need.
Don’t be afraid, it’s not always going to be easy, but, I am always there with you
Be prepared to be more different, more extraordinary, more amazed, more amazing – times are changing – just stay close.
Remember to pray in the Spirit, you have all been given the gift of tongues, you have had so many prompts recently, you must use this gift more and more and more. It’s like a direct line to me with nothing in the way. As you use more tongues I will give you more understanding and more interpretation, and you think you have big dreams, they are nothing compared to what I have planned for you.
Keep the fires burning, keep the fires burning in your hearts, and in the hearts of those around you.
Walk with those who walk with me.
Listen.      Listen for the still small voice, I will speak in the silence.

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Darkest before the dawn

‘Darkest before the dawn’ is a well used statement, full of light, hope and potential. We use it to buoy ourselves up before collapse, perhaps when we think it can’t get any worse and perhaps when we think there is no hope.

It’s a real truth, seen in nature every day. It is indeed darkest just before the dawn, just like it is lighter under the rainbow. But what is dawn?

Dawn starts with first light and finishes with sun up. So dawn lasts for quite a while. For those of us who have ever spent a night looking after a small child, looking after a sick person or being sick ourselves we can agree that the night can seem very long and lonely. Jesus’s last night on earth was one of endurance. He had a job to do, a task to fulfil and dawn was not going to bring any relief. Except he knew that His last day had at least begun. And after His crucifixion? Well, the disciples must have thought it was still dark, if not darker. They must have thought they had been thrown into turmoil, they had forgotten all of his words predicting his death and resurrection. No doubt they despaired and wondered what to do, how to go forward from this place.

But the tide always turns, the rhythm of life always moves on and day always breaks. In fact, unknown to the disciples, first light had already come – Jesus’s death signalled the move towards sunrise, dawn started to break on the Friday when Jesus’s death upset the devil’s realm once and for always. On Easter day we had sunrise for sure and Jesus became available to everyone.

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