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Prophecy  given at start of PCCC as a charity Sept 2020

At the start of Plain Church Celtic Community PCCC as a charity
Few sentences at start not recorded but were about the Lord’s pleasure with PCCC.
I’m so thrilled, so filled up with your enthusiasm and your love for me, and your compassion and your care, and your willingness to go the extra mile and do the extra things. And I’m so thrilled that Plain Church is an entity, that it has been fully born this morning, today, and now WATCH, watch , watch, says the Lord at what I am going to do.
The gloves are off, we’re on the move.
Just stay close to me, lean on me fully, with all your hearts and all your minds and I will give you all the understanding that you need.
Don’t be afraid, it’s not always going to be easy, but, I am always there with you
Be prepared to be more different, more extraordinary, more amazed, more amazing – times are changing – just stay close.
Remember to pray in the Spirit, you have all been given the gift of tongues, you have had so many prompts recently, you must use this gift more and more and more. It’s like a direct line to me with nothing in the way. As you use more tongues I will give you more understanding and more interpretation, and you think you have big dreams, they are nothing compared to what I have planned for you.
Keep the fires burning, keep the fires burning in your hearts, and in the hearts of those around you.
Walk with those who walk with me.
Listen.      Listen for the still small voice, I will speak in the silence.

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Prioritising the Kingdom of God

On Friday at the end of June two members of Plain Church had the opportunity to pray on Holy Island off Anglesea. This was where Saint Cybi had lived his holy life and is one of the thinnest places we know in the British Isles. There they prayed the Awakening Prayer for all those of Christian faith in the Western Isles so that all might  focus on the Lord during these last days. It was a very powerful time of prayer.

The two stayed in Corwen at Coleg-y-Groes and thanks go to Reverend Heather and Margaret for their warm welcome. Interestingly, Reverend Heather has a master’s degree in Celtic Christianity. Please pray for the sale of Coleg –y- Groes as it is time for Rev Heather and Margaret to move on.

On the return journey the two took the opportunity to drop into Twyning to support Alex in a prayer walk to prepare for his village event on Sunday. It was good to support other Christians with an outsider’s view and prayers outside as they seek a new way in their village.

To end a splendid few days the cream teas at God Unlimited’s head quarters were attended by church members from Amesbury Baptist, Durrington Free, Shrewton Methodist and Salisbury’s City Gate. Visitors took the opportunity to see Plain Church’s charity, God Unlimited, in action at the Riverside site afterwards.

Church on Sunday concerned the passage in Luke 12 about the rich fool who made some poor decisions about how to manage his worldly wealth. Having made the poor decisions his life was drawn to a close and he had laid up no riches in heaven.

The call of this world on time and income can seem unstoppable and too strong to fight but the most important thing for any Celtic Christian is to prioritise the kingdom of God. To build the kingdom the Christian needs to be walking closely in their relationship with Lord Jesus Christ and building the kingdom is the number 1 priority. Building the kingdom can be done directly, such as described above, or indirectly, where we might demonstrate our Christian faith in the workplace and so on. The direct route must always be seen as the most important unless God tells us otherwise.

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